Monday, 25 November 2013

Music Mondays 4: Saberwing Makes Music

There was quite a lot of good music this week, so here's my top 4 finds.

Songs of the Week

OK, so it's a bit out there as far as music I normally put up goes. It is however a masterpiece of hilarious proportions. Based on a trend of people remixing this moment from Jontron, this is easily the best of it's...sub-genre? Anyway, the level of detail that went into this makes it worthy of notice.

An old Exit Mindbomb (Amazing BrandO) track that was recently remastered. Might be a bit heavy for some, but it's worth a listen if you like Grunge.

One thing that has been grinding my gears over the past year has been the amount of video game covers with poor mixing. Thankfully, DSC has been working to improve on that and it really shows in this Pokémon RBY medley. I hope this trend continues as it results in good music becoming great music.

I must have listened to this at least 10 times yesterday. It's only 1 month until Christmas, so the Christmas music is about to dominate everything until next year. If all of it is half as good as this, then I'll be a happy man.

Artist of the Week

Shahin Kanafchain (AKA CCP Saberwing)

It was a pleasant surprise to find out Shahin has a Masters in Music Composition. He has a small host of music on his Soundcloud and will apparently be continuing to produce more once he's fully set up in Shanghai.

There isn't enough music to recommend anything in particular, but you'll probably want to start with his Production Music Showreel.

Oneironauts (The Dream Travellers) from Shahin Kanafchian on Vimeo.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Dust 572: The Best Way To Play

So earlier this morning, I read a post in response to someone talking about Dust's frame rate problems. The original post claimed to have frame rates as low as 1-3 per second. This is a serious problem as first person shooters running at anything below 30 frames per second don't function very well. Hell, most PC gamers can't stand anything below 60 and pros generally favour 120 FPS.

The response was an interesting claim to solve the problem however. By forcing Dust 514 to run in 572p, the game could achieve a much higher and more stable frame rate. I had some time before the servers went down today, so decided to try it out.

The first thing I noticed was an immediate sense of nostalgia. If you've ever wondered what closed beta looked like, 572p is a fairly good indicator. The performance is a bit higher now though, as the game has seen some general performance increases since then.

The second thing I noticed was the menu animations were much smoother. Granted the game looks like ass and could be mistaken for a PlayStation 2 title, but there's hints that the game is running better. Menus are more responsive and animations are smoother.

This was all good and well, but how did it perform in a live match environment? I loaded into a faction warfare match and it was like nothing I've experienced in Dust before. The frame rate was higher than I'd seen before and the responsiveness felt incredible. I'm normally a terrible shot with a scrambler pistol, but here I was racking up head-shot kills. For the first time in a long time, I was enjoying playing Dust for the sake of playing Dust. Christopher Franklin's "Kinaesthetics" video comes to mind when trying to describe this.

Now this match was obviously not under the stress that PC battles can put on a system. People were using equipment, but not spamming it everywhere. I would be interested in hearing how it performs in a more stressful environment compared to 720p though. If it didn't make my eyes hurt so much, I'd probably never play Dust in 720p again, but I can see this being less bothersome to people who want the extra edge.

There's a potential nightmarish outcome to all this. If CCP don't improve the 720p experience, it's possible a group of players could exploit the frame rate drop from equipment spam while avoiding it themselves. The endgame to all this would be a world where players are forced to play in 572p and spam equipment to compete. Here's hoping it won't come to that.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Music Mondays 3: Pig With The Face Of A Boy

Haven't found as much this week, but here's a few choice picks.

Songs of the Week

Climate Change Denier (contains full frontal nudity)

A few years ago, Pig With The Face Of A Boy released a Tetris themed song about the rise and fall of the Soviet Union. At current it has over 3.6 million views and for good reason. Their latest release "Climate Change Denier" was a pleasant surprise to find in my Youtube feed and is an enjoyable listen, albeit not as memorable as the Complete History Of The Soviet Union.

I'd been getting a bit sick of the Slam Jam mashups over the past couple months. The best examples of good mashups are things like Gangnam Style or Panic Station. This is the first mashup since Slamjam Station that I've truly enjoyed and just fits the two songs so well together. There's also a free .mp3 download available.

Someone asked for some hip hop, so here's Duane and BrandO rapping about Duck Hunt.

Artist of the Week

Pascal Michael Stiefel aka Plasma 3 Music

Not unlike Atpunk from last week, I found P3M through a remix involving a (now former) member of Game Grumps. he has a large number of game music remixes over several websites.

Duck Tales Orchestra fan rendition

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Music Mondays 2: Slightly Late Edition

So you can thank the Dust 514 grindathon event this week for this not being done until now. Hopefully I'll avoid this situation in the future, but better late than never. It's worth adding that despite this being 2 days late, I'm only including music I found before this Monday.

Tracks of the Week


I found out about Atpunk a couple months ago when he released his "Welcome Back!" Jontron Remix (which also deserves a seizure warning). His latest track is very reminiscent of Anamanaguchi and is an overall solid original piece from someone who is most well known for remixes.

It's a little weird that these guys aren't more popular. Critical Hit is a band formed from a number of well known musicians, including the violinist Taylor Davis and composer Jason Hayes (World of Warcraft). Their début album is a compilation of video game covers, ranging from Modern Warfare to Angry Birds. I've never played a Call of Duty game, but the cover is a good listen despite that. Also, here's a bonus .gif of Joel Taylor.

If you like Trance (or any electronic music), Trancecrafter is the best artist you've probably never heard of. I mentioned in my first blog that I go to websites like Newgrounds to find people early in their careers and that's how I found TC. Sadly he rarely releases full tracks, so I was pleasantly surprised when this popped up in my subscriptions on Saturday. This song is part of a 78 track compilation that is raising money for the charity "Sport Relief". You can buy it from Bandcamp for the low price of a tenner.

Artist of the Week

Rob A Ronawsky

Beyond his music, I don't actually know much about Rob A Ronawsky. His music mostly focuses around guitar covers of anime theme songs. The best example of this is his cover of the Attack on Titan opening song...

and his Attack on Titan Medley.

He has a whole slew of different Soundcloud and Youtube pages though. If you're looking for the best way to listen to his music, I'd suggest starting with his main Soundcloud page. If you want his other tracks, your best bet is to search "Rob A Ranowsky" on Youtube as that will display all of his channels.

He also has a Facebook page.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Dust 514 Squad Cups Results and Videos

Over the weekend, the first Dust 514 6v6 Squad Cups took place with over 50 teams competing across 3 regions. I'll be compiling a list of videos I find from the tournament too. Feel free to contact me if you find any that should be on here.


1st Place - Nyain San
2nd Place -


No videos yet


1st Place - Power Rangers
2nd Place - United Pwnage Service
3rd Place - What The French


Ro32 Videos

United Pwnage Service vs Diamond 7
What The French vs Les Croustillants
Forsaken Immortals vs Dust GAC Equipo 1

Ro16 Videos

United Pwnage Service vs Norwegian Dust 514
What The French vs Academy Inferno
Forsaken Immortals vs Fat Bastards

Ro8 Videos

United Pwnage Service vs French The Win
United Pwnage Service vs French The Win (second PoV)
Forsaken Immortals vs Power Rangers
What The French vs Gli Sbabbari

Ro4 Videos

United Pwnage Service vs Maphia Clan Unit Unicorn

North America

1st Place - 0uter.Heaven
2nd Place - GAC America
3rd Place - MH Neighbourhood Watch


Ro32 Videos

MH Neighborhood Watch vs Onslaught Inc 2

Ro16 Videos

MH Neighborhood Watch vs Random Gunz

Ro8 Videos

MH Neighborhood Watch vs Killer Rubber Duckies

Ro4 Videos

MH Neighborhood Watch vs 0uter.Heaven

Music Mondays 1: Spooky Introduction

Outside of gaming, one of my favourite pastimes is looking around online for music to listen to. I follow upwards of 150 different music channels on Youtube and regularly look around websites such as Newgrounds or Soundcloud for new artists to follow.

My normal pattern is to browse around for up and coming artists. Then follow them as they continue on their way through their music careers, listening to their progress over time. I do this on a regular basis, so I figured it'd make a good regular blog. Anyway, here's what I've been listening to this week. It was Halloween, so this will mostly themed around that.

Tracks of the Week

I should probably mention that I've never played any Silent Hill games, but enjoyed this Medley regardless. Jules is currently in the middle of his third year of weekly video game covers, so he may well be a regular on this blog for the near future. You can find free downloads of his work in the descriptions of his videos.

There's a number of Castlevania tracks going around this week. OCRemix uploaded 4 in a row including this remix of Vampire Killer by zircon. I wasn't that impressed with the other 3 tracks, but you can find them on their Youtube channel.

OK, so this one is a bit older, but I'd never heard it until this week when I was watching a playthrough of the game. Bloody Tears is a classic though and this version lives up to the name.

Artist of the Week


I found this guy a while back but didn't pay him much mind outside of a few tracks I'd downloaded from him. He caught my attention today again, when I was looking around for covers of the Sonic Adventure 2 track 'Pumpkin Hill'. While his cover wasn't as good as the original, I decided to give some of his other music a second listen. Here's a few choice picks.

Bloody Tears
Guile's Theme
Escape From The City
Chocobo Theme
Sonic Boom
Digimon Theme