Wednesday, 24 July 2013

What I Want To Spectate And Broadcast Dust Matches

I was originally planning on writing about the Mordu event today. But I found a massive exploit during the event that could completely break Dust and am in the process of gathering more information on it so I can get in touch with CCP.

I missed the CPM AMA while playing around with it today (as well as real life stuff), so I don't know much about what was discussed there. DS10 wrote out the first hour or so, so going off the "we take feedback given through the CPM", I'm making some requests for when they build this feature.

This is what I want as far as broadcasting tools for Dust's "Gladiator" matches.

  • 1 team to appear red and 1 appear blue with a corresponding name plate at the top.
  • Default camera pitch at 55 degrees.
  • Default camera distance at 30 meters off the ground.
  • Left control stick to move the camera on the X and Y axis.
  • Right control stick to change the camera's pitch.
  • R2 and L2 to change the camera's yaw.
  • Square to toggle player stats such as K/D/A/hacks/defends.
  • Circle to change camera back to default.
  • Triangle to toggle armour/shield/stamina bars above players and ammo for current weapon to the right of players, for example player has 64/80.
  • Holding X and pressing a d-pad button to save a camera location.
  • Pressing a d-pad button to skip to a saved camera location.
  • R1 and L1 to skip between (living) player points of view. Other possible ways to do this with these buttons.
  • Edit: Forgot to add a way to shift the Z axis. Maybe use R1 and L1 while holding x for this?

This is just some ideas, but I hope they find them useful. Broadcasting has become a key part to any competitive title and as someone who's interested in being involved with this in the future, I really want CCP to get this right.

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