Thursday, 16 May 2013

How To Become A Guest On Boots On The Ground

This is the first of a few sidebar articles I'll be putting on the site and will serve as a permanent source on how to apply for the show. But first, some things you will need before contacting me.

  • To be at least 18 years of age (legal reasons).
  • A good quality mic and an image of yourself, your EVE/Dust character or a webcam.
  • 2 hours of free time that doesn't involve getting scolded by family.
  • Skype and Google+.
  • The ability to set aside issues with other guests while on the show.

If you have these, then you can drop me a mail in game. The character I'll be using to handle this is 'Gimble Revo'. Once you have mailed me, I will respond with details on the Skype group where I post the time that the show is recorded at.

Oh, there's also an RSS feed for the audio versions of the show now. People were requesting it for download software, so here it is.

2013/06/28 Update: Character handling the ingame mail has changed.

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