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Frontlines 1: Begun The Clone War Has

Edit: ROFL is not aligned with Cronos and Orion Empire, article has been edited.

D Day

It's was an interesting first week for Planetary Conquest. After a mad dash, the entire 245 available planetary districts had been claimed within minutes of the server going live. The groups leading the charge managed to scoop up the majority of planets, with Cronos taking roughly a quarter of the map, RISE of LEGION (ROFL) taking a fifth and Orion Empire taking a nineth. Cronos and Orion had formed a coalition going into planetary conquest, leaving what will be dubbed the 'Careberry Alliance' (CBA) holding over a third of Molden Heath. Groups such as EoN and Unclaimed managed to claim over a dozen districts each, leaving others to grab what they could.

Lets Go To War

With the stage set, Alliances began slamming their neighbours with Genolution packs. Cronos and ROFL had strong footholds, so began to mop up the districts on planets they already held. This included fighting Ivy League's 'Dust University', with Dust Uni holding their own at first, using their air superiority to school a Catalyst pilot on proper PvP flying. Dust University had claimed the planet weeks ahead of the districts coming online, but sadly fell to Cronos.

Orion Empire were having a much harder time however. Initially taking districts in Tartaven, they were left fighting a war on two fronts against EoN and Negative Feedback. Despite bringing in third parties to help, they lost a quarter of their districts, while EoN grew to match their previous size.

One notable story to come from this was from Hrober VIII district ten. Faced with a full team from EoN and with only enough clones to withstand two more attacks, Orion forces pulled before the ground battle before boots had even hit the ground. With nothing to do, the orbital support that was in place found a lone destroyer that had broken it's cloak by flying too close to the district eight beacon. 'Preacher Garra', the founder and CEO of Talon Strike Force LTD was swiftly blown out of the sky. His frozen corpse now resides within Kane Spero's station holdings.

Frog Blast the Vent Core

The last major stories of the week come in true New Eden style. Several organizations had used sleeper agents to infiltrate enemy corporations. This allowed the agents to pull up to five persons of their choosing into a planetary conquest battle on the enemy side.

Originally starting with a so called "Grief University", the stories began with Dust University being held ransom before their loss to Cronos. This was quickly followed by R.I.f.t from Orion Empire being hit during a fight against Planetary Response Organization (PRO) from Unclaimed. Despite being heavily outnumbered, R.I.f.t claims to have "only lost by 4 bars on the MCC and only lost 180 clones".

With most of the Almur and Elfrard regions under their control, CBA corporation Betamax attacked EoN's Red Guards. Activating a sleeper within the Red Guards corporation, Betamax were able to pull a handful of mercs onto the enemy side and claim an easier path to victory.

While these tactics have proven highly effective, not all subterfuge has been successful. While defending an attack from Hellstorm Inc, Betamax managed to make what should have been sixteen against sixteen into nineteen against thirteen. Despite their inferior numbers however, Hellstorm Inc managed to win convincingly and even managed to provide video footage of the battle.

It's not known how effective this skull-daggery will continue to be, but for the moment it seems to have turned the tide of several battles. Corporations are now considering methods to keep untrusted members out of battles and open recruitment has come to a grinding halt in many cases.

Changing Of The Guard

Finally in a more subtle change since Planetary Conquest began, has been the shift away from trying to use early morning timers to make districts unappealing to attack. Many corporations that tried this have either changed the timers to be more easily defended or lost the districts to people willing to stay up (who then changed the timers themselves).

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