Monday, 27 May 2013

Frontlines 2: The Careberry Was A Lie

Mistakes Were Made

So I'd like to start this week's Frontlines off with an apology. Last week I made an assumption based on poor research that ROFL was allied to Cronos and Orion. This was quickly brought to my attention as being false and I have since edited the original post. Frontlines' primary purpose is to promote content coming out of Planetary Conquest, with a secondary purpose of giving Molden Heath a storyline that interested parties can look back on.

The so called "Careberry Alliance" therefore doesn't actually exist. It could have potentially been used to describe the relationship between Orion Empire and Cronos. As of yesterday however, Orion holds 4 districts with 3 of those under attack. Considering both this and the name basically being a dumb joke, no further mentions of Careberry will be found on this blog. Readers can feel free to call each other careberries if they want though.

It's A Major Restructuring. I Don't Want To Downplay It

After several large stories last week about subterfuge, it seems many corporations have put preventative measures against it. This has come in the form of moving the main bulk of their forces into holding corporations, so that access to matches is limited and the average grunt can only join when brought in by a squad leader from the main corp. Judging from the drop in chatter about these stories, it seems to have worked. In some cases, holding corps that had held districts were being switched over to the main corp.

Also worth mentioning is the disbanding of Pink Fluffy Bounty Hunterz. The champions of the open beta tournament as well as being the ground forces of the notable Noir mercenaries disbanded shortly after their CEO left due to personal reasons. The members have split off in several directions such as newly formed 'PFB Pink Fluffy Bunnies' and 'Noir. Planetary Regiment'. It's also reported that "some PFBH a-teamers" have joined Negative Feedback. The sudden disappearance of PBFH created a rarely seen (and likely the first) empty district since the 14th this month.

On The Warpath

Several war fronts have emerged as corporations are starting to settle in to Molden Heath.

ZionTCD have taken Mimiror IX whilst fending off constant attacks from ROFL, including a successful AWOX attempt from them. The region Eoldulf has easily been the most hotly contested this week and looks to continue as Zion continue to fight on.

With Orion almost wiped out, EoN and Negative Feedback are now duking it out. With the appearance of an unmolested Goonfeet district amongst the fighting, it is suspected that Negative Feedback are under contract to take Hrober (confirmed by Kane Spero) by the Goonswarm Federation. EoN have also started expanding elsewhere in Molden Heath and may continue to as the assault continues.

The biggest story of the week has to go to Cronos however. Who have grown to hold roughly 90 of the 245 districts in Molden Heath. With What The French expanding into Tartaven, this means they hold districts in most corners of the region and with wars breaking out between the other major players, will likely continue to be dominant.

Sadly there wasn't as many videos from this week, but if you'd like to submit a video, image or story, you can do so here.

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