Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Pretty Much Everyone Declares War On EoN

So it's not really surprising that this is happening. EoN has become the big bad as with everyone who holds the most resources does in every multiplayer. The person with the most stock left in a free-for-all game of Smash Bros, the person with the biggest empire in Master of Orion 2 and now the alliance with the most districts held in Molden Heath. You may have the advantage, but you'll end up finding yourself fighting multiple opponents.

Looking back to the beginning of Planetary Conquest in May, the exact same thing happened with Cronos. They took a large chunk (around 40%) of Molden Heath right off the bat and eventually bit off more than they could chew. According to Quickgloves at the time, they ran an A-team system that eventually burnt out from fighting too many battles. Back then it was a combination of EoN and Negative Feedback who were throwing as many attacks as they could.

EoN consist mostly of players who are already competent enough (or at least trusted) to join anyone fighting in Planetary Conquest. When the wars against Orion and Cronos were taking place, everyone in EoN got into a single channel and it was all hands on deck. Using this method, we had a high success rate with very little burn out. I haven't logged in to check yet, but I imagine this will be the case again now that we're being attacked.

Since the first war, most people have pulled out of Molden Heath. The exception to this being EoN who stayed in search of gud-fights. What we ended up with is a majority hold (around 60%) and very few people left to fight. After what seems like eons of time spent whining on the forums, a coalition made up of everyone who isn't EoN has come knocking on our front door. I tried to find an exact list of who was involved and got the following from VD7.
seraphim initiative, nyan san, wtf, onslaught inc, ancient exiles, maphia clan corporation, PRO, PHI, the exemplars, the phoenix federation, UPSNE, wasteland junk removal, d3lta forc3, forsaken immortals, mass terror, lokun listamen alliance, LOI alliance, ANONYMOUS, academy inferno, foxhound corporation, GAC contract hunters, lotis wraith, shadow guards, slaughtermoose, 843 burgezz
...and more.

It's a bit sad there's no new Orbital mechanics yet for this, but we're finally getting a G I A N T vs Subdreddit rematch. With all that said, I'll leave with some parting words from EoN's alliance leader, Mavado.
About this war. The community finally did exactly what we wanted them to do. Targets were goin away, having them finally HTFU and organise instead of cry on forums is good for the game in the short run. 
Ppl dont get that we dont care for districts that much if at all, day 1 when everyone joined EoN we made it clear Districts are just a means to get fights, That's it. DUST ISK means nothing when nullsec comes along to us. Been saying this for months.
More districts they manage to take off us means more targets back on the board for us to shoot again. Win Win for everyone.
Now I say its good for the game short term because that still doesn't change the fact DUST is a subpar game atm and with GTA and PS4 on the horizon the bigger problem arises from when ppl just stop caring about DUST that much and this anti-EoN coalition is all that's around. Most of these corps have a carebear mentality and not a competitive one so would they then break up their new super coalition of every single corp to fight each other or play it safe?
Ppl also seem to think we will "get destroyed" if we manage to lose which isn't the case. We've grown beyond just a dust grp and like i said more districts taken off us means ppl get to go wild again and fight without the bs politics involved.

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  1. pretty much any corp you see QQing on the forums hahaha