Tuesday, 24 September 2013

SyNergy Gaming pulls out of Molden Heath

If you've spoken with Mavado over the past couple months, you'll have seen this coming. With Dust not living up to the expectations of it's veteran players, there's been a steady decrease in activity since Uprising launched. Throw in new AAA titles coming out (GTAV) and new consoles just months away, you'll start seeing a lot more of the veteran playerbase moving on.

It's worth noting that EoN still has a presence in Dust/EVE and will likely continue to even after the next gen hits. We still hold over 100 districts (40% of Molden Heath) between the remaining corps. For now though, some of EoN are moving on to do other things and there's no knowing if or when they'll be back.
Won dust. Nothing else to prove. Everyone except imps lost in a war vs us. Nothing left but stay and get frustrated farming as you watch your activity dwindle.
-Mavado, alliance leader of EoN.

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