Monday, 3 June 2013

Frontlines 3: Templar One

Disclaimer: Due to the servers being down yesterday, I don't have fully up to date PC stats. The majority of stats I will be quoting are from Friday.

You Picked The Wrong Planet! Give Me Your FACE!

SVER Prime and the newly founded Zion Prime are currently fighting for survival. SVER had dropped three districts to Negative Feedback by last Friday. Zion were only down a single district, but fighting was taking place across much of Mimiror IX. SVER Prime was looking to fall into Negative Feedback's hands sometime this week. However, due to a server outage on Sunday, their remaining districts into a safer position from being taken. A write-up for a number of the battles can be found here.

OK, this one should've been posted last week, but now I know.

This isn't the only victory Negative Feedback have from this week. They managed to take most of Hrober and have forced EoN to begin moving out of Tartaven. EoN have now started to push into Cronos' territory. With Orion Empire almost gone and now Unclaimed fighting a war on multiple fronts. It's looking like a Cronos vs ROFL/EoN war is on the horizon.

For more detailed stats on Planetary Conquest, The Info Broker has posted some more factual stats.

Betrayal Can Never Be Forgiven

Outside of PC, the Templar Event has been taking place. Despite being delayed a day and the servers going down on Sunday, the Templar event took place. Lowratehitman made a video overview of the Templar Dropsuit.

TEST 2013

Despite their losses in Planetary Conquest and fighting pretty much everyone in Nullsec, TEST Alliance are still going strong. Their Ministry of Truth channel posted this video earlier today.

That's all for this week, if you're interested in submitting content to be on a future Frontlines, check out the submission thread on the forums.

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