Friday, 28 June 2013

No Boots On The Ground Until August

The tldr of this is I'm burnt out from Dust and I have pressing real life commitments. If you want more details, I've written some below.

Burnt Out From Dust

Playing a single game almost exclusively for about 6 months will burn anyone out. My expectations of how well the game would do were dampened by multiple issues with bugs, hardware limitations, mislabelled abilities, poor communication from devs (except logicloop, foxfour, nullarbor and that guy who helped fix mouse aiming), etc

I've actually started playing EVE again and the difference is startling. Crisp gameplay with relatively few bugs, game developers who come to the community for feedback weeks/months ahead of a release, being able to play with whoever I want, a community that doesn't yell racist bullshit over public comms, feeling like I'm making an impact on New Eden while still just being pick up and play.

I'm hoping 1.2 sees the game moving in that direction. The latest dev blog is already a good sign of things to come and by the time I'm back, hopefully we'll have some details on 1.3 to further that.

Real Life and Other Commitments

I've probably mentioned this more than enough times already, but I'm moving house in a couple months. This isn't just a simple pack up and move though, I have to get rid of about half of everything I own. This consists of going through old boxes of stuff I'd forgotten about and deciding what to do with them. Sometimes this is easy and sometimes you find an old letter from a deceased family member. Either way, it's time consuming and takes a lot of mental fortitude to get through.

Outside of this, I've also been working on another project with a friend called "The 3 Minute Update". After a ton of work, we finished up our first video and published it yesterday.

Why am I not dropping this over BOTG? Well for a start, this takes a lot less work to get set up and is relatively easy as far as the type of work goes. Uploading a video for it doesn't take up most of a day and it's fairly stress free as I'm only in charge of the video editing rather than hosting as well.

We've also publicly stated that there will be a new video every Thursday and since we're working with people who are much higher profile than us, it would be really bad if we couldn't manage that. There's some other stuff as well, like how videos aren't as time sensitive so I could queue several up to release automatically and how the money used from this will allow me to continue making more BOTG. Simply put, it isn't a project I can simply walk away from, nor do I want to.

Looking Forward

The only other thing I won't be doing is making the AT11 advert for EoN. It was silly and I might save it for some other propaganda in the future. In all likelihood, it would have been rejected by CCP anyway.

Other than that, I'll still be writing on here and putting up some videos on the channel. Just not as much as I am right now. Writing can be done in bursts, so I'll probably focus more on written content for now.

After I've moved, I'll have much faster internet. This means videos will go up in minutes instead of hours and I'll be able to live stream on Twitch. I'll likely be doing a lot of live streaming once I'm able, although probably not for content like BOTG. It's something I've done a fair amount of before and enjoy the hell out of too.

Anyway, it's only a month or so from now and I'll work on making the beginning of BOTG something memorable. How does a CCP member as a guest sound?

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