Thursday, 10 October 2013

Amarr Hold The Ground and Push The Sky

So in a strange twist, the past couple of days have seen the Amarr take every ground district in the warzone. What was previously a Gallente/Minmatar domination of the ground has changed completely over the last 48 hours. I also saw a post on the EVE subreddit today called "Amarr FW is in tier 2!" It seems the guys up in the stars are flipping systems and pushing back against the Minnies as well. I guess this is one of the best examples of the "One Universe One War" tag line playing out the way CCP intended.

So why the sudden change on the ground? On Tuesday, a faction warfare event started offering rewards to mercs who participated and won a certain % of their matches for a single faction. The rewards are varied by which faction you fight for, so looking at the current meta on the ground, a large amount of players are fighting for the Amarr because they offer the "best" rewards. The Minmatar rewards are nice too and I've personally been fighting for them, but the evidence suggests heavily that people want those drop uplinks more than they want the repair tools.

The bizarre thing about all this though is that while the rewards are nice, they aren't that nice. You're talking somewhere in the region of 5 million ISK on the Dust side to just buy them off the market. I've seen people throwing tanks close to that value into matches in order to keep their win ratio up. It's bizarre, but with not much else to do, I guess it makes sense that people will be going all out to get their rewards.

The event lasts until the 15th, so whether or not the Amarr will continue to hold everything past then is still unknown. It's possible we might see podsicles and bunnies start talking to each other to set something up going forward. There are a large number of mercs looking for work and with orbitals being a bit more commonplace now, the possibility of joint operations for a common cause exist. There's also methods of paying mercs across the games if you're willing, although the exchange rate heavily favours Dust right now (8:1 EVE:Dust).

Funny how a small carrot on a stick can impact so many.

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  1. Yeah, the Minnies are getting curbstomped. Me and my squad went 11/12 yesterday(in the last match, we got pwned). I think its more than the carrot that is driving us to fight for the Amarr. In America, there is a "root for the underdog" mentality(no matter who is on top)when it comes to competition. The easiest example is the hatred for a football(U.S) team,The New England Patriots. One of the best teams in the league, consistently having near perfect seasons, and they are the bad guys. Same goes for the Minnmatar/Gallente, or Chronos and E.O.N. All four(in PC and FW respectively) worked hard to be the best and in the end, are now vilified in the eyes of a large portion of the player base. The only thing they did wrong was winning. It is strange logic, but it is what it is.

    Anyway, great post and I look forward to the next Boots on the Ground.

    Bishop "Gopher" Harcourt- KAOS Theory Director, Chief of Staff, Minister of Science and Magic