Sunday, 20 October 2013

Dust 514 News And What EVE Players Should Know

Edit: There was a small mistake with this post. Planetary Conquest won't involve Sov, you can go blame Lt Royal.

So over the last 48 hours, a large amount of new Dust 514 content has been announced. While no items, vehicles or game modes were mentioned, we've been given a rough roadmap of the upcoming Dust-EVE linked content. By now, most Dusters that care know about these changes, so here's the important parts that EVE players will want to know about.

New Orbitals
  • Orbitals will be based on a king of the hill style system above planets. EVE pilots will have to run the timer down for their side to give Dust players the ability to call in orbitals for Faction Warfare and Planetary Conquest(?).
  • Kills from orbitals will give kill mails.
  • Faction Warfare pilots will gain loyal points from orbital bombardments.
Faction Warfare
  • Dust players will receive loyalty points for participating in Faction Warfare. Dust players who fight more for a side will increase standings and receive more loyalty points as a result.
  • Faction Warfare orbitals will be from EVE only, no more NPC strikes.
  • CREST will give data on Faction Warfare districts. This will allow EVE players to see the status of the ground war on websites like Dotlan.
  • It's still undecided if Dust players will ever be able to sign up to a single faction (like in EVE) and not just be mercenaries.
  • Expected to be rolled out over the next 3 or so months.
Planetary Conquest 2.0
  • All new PC system in the works. Will involve EVE players a lot more.
  • New EVE ship being added, the 'War Barge'. Will be required to start certain kinds of Dust battles in PC 2.0. Can only be flown by EVE pilots. Will be vulnerable to EVE pilots while travelling and vulnerable to Dust mercs during ground battles.
  • Will be involved with sovereignty mechanics in some way. (False info, sorry)
  • EVE developers already at work on this, so could be as soon as the next summer expansion?
  • Dust 514 getting a new market system that will allow trading between players. Another step towards EVE and Dust trading?

You can find all this mentioned during their EVE Vegas talk (starts around 4h 15m) and on the Dust forums.  


  1. Interesting stuff. I hope they can really rally DUST and make it more popular in both the PS3 and EVE player's mind, otherwise they're going to continue shooting themselves in the fiscal foot.