Monday, 4 November 2013

Music Mondays 1: Spooky Introduction

Outside of gaming, one of my favourite pastimes is looking around online for music to listen to. I follow upwards of 150 different music channels on Youtube and regularly look around websites such as Newgrounds or Soundcloud for new artists to follow.

My normal pattern is to browse around for up and coming artists. Then follow them as they continue on their way through their music careers, listening to their progress over time. I do this on a regular basis, so I figured it'd make a good regular blog. Anyway, here's what I've been listening to this week. It was Halloween, so this will mostly themed around that.

Tracks of the Week

I should probably mention that I've never played any Silent Hill games, but enjoyed this Medley regardless. Jules is currently in the middle of his third year of weekly video game covers, so he may well be a regular on this blog for the near future. You can find free downloads of his work in the descriptions of his videos.

There's a number of Castlevania tracks going around this week. OCRemix uploaded 4 in a row including this remix of Vampire Killer by zircon. I wasn't that impressed with the other 3 tracks, but you can find them on their Youtube channel.

OK, so this one is a bit older, but I'd never heard it until this week when I was watching a playthrough of the game. Bloody Tears is a classic though and this version lives up to the name.

Artist of the Week


I found this guy a while back but didn't pay him much mind outside of a few tracks I'd downloaded from him. He caught my attention today again, when I was looking around for covers of the Sonic Adventure 2 track 'Pumpkin Hill'. While his cover wasn't as good as the original, I decided to give some of his other music a second listen. Here's a few choice picks.

Bloody Tears
Guile's Theme
Escape From The City
Chocobo Theme
Sonic Boom
Digimon Theme

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