Monday, 25 November 2013

Music Mondays 4: Saberwing Makes Music

There was quite a lot of good music this week, so here's my top 4 finds.

Songs of the Week

OK, so it's a bit out there as far as music I normally put up goes. It is however a masterpiece of hilarious proportions. Based on a trend of people remixing this moment from Jontron, this is easily the best of it's...sub-genre? Anyway, the level of detail that went into this makes it worthy of notice.

An old Exit Mindbomb (Amazing BrandO) track that was recently remastered. Might be a bit heavy for some, but it's worth a listen if you like Grunge.

One thing that has been grinding my gears over the past year has been the amount of video game covers with poor mixing. Thankfully, DSC has been working to improve on that and it really shows in this Pokémon RBY medley. I hope this trend continues as it results in good music becoming great music.

I must have listened to this at least 10 times yesterday. It's only 1 month until Christmas, so the Christmas music is about to dominate everything until next year. If all of it is half as good as this, then I'll be a happy man.

Artist of the Week

Shahin Kanafchain (AKA CCP Saberwing)

It was a pleasant surprise to find out Shahin has a Masters in Music Composition. He has a small host of music on his Soundcloud and will apparently be continuing to produce more once he's fully set up in Shanghai.

There isn't enough music to recommend anything in particular, but you'll probably want to start with his Production Music Showreel.

Oneironauts (The Dream Travellers) from Shahin Kanafchian on Vimeo.

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