Monday, 18 November 2013

Music Mondays 3: Pig With The Face Of A Boy

Haven't found as much this week, but here's a few choice picks.

Songs of the Week

Climate Change Denier (contains full frontal nudity)

A few years ago, Pig With The Face Of A Boy released a Tetris themed song about the rise and fall of the Soviet Union. At current it has over 3.6 million views and for good reason. Their latest release "Climate Change Denier" was a pleasant surprise to find in my Youtube feed and is an enjoyable listen, albeit not as memorable as the Complete History Of The Soviet Union.

I'd been getting a bit sick of the Slam Jam mashups over the past couple months. The best examples of good mashups are things like Gangnam Style or Panic Station. This is the first mashup since Slamjam Station that I've truly enjoyed and just fits the two songs so well together. There's also a free .mp3 download available.

Someone asked for some hip hop, so here's Duane and BrandO rapping about Duck Hunt.

Artist of the Week

Pascal Michael Stiefel aka Plasma 3 Music

Not unlike Atpunk from last week, I found P3M through a remix involving a (now former) member of Game Grumps. he has a large number of game music remixes over several websites.

Duck Tales Orchestra fan rendition

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