Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Music Mondays 2: Slightly Late Edition

So you can thank the Dust 514 grindathon event this week for this not being done until now. Hopefully I'll avoid this situation in the future, but better late than never. It's worth adding that despite this being 2 days late, I'm only including music I found before this Monday.

Tracks of the Week


I found out about Atpunk a couple months ago when he released his "Welcome Back!" Jontron Remix (which also deserves a seizure warning). His latest track is very reminiscent of Anamanaguchi and is an overall solid original piece from someone who is most well known for remixes.

It's a little weird that these guys aren't more popular. Critical Hit is a band formed from a number of well known musicians, including the violinist Taylor Davis and composer Jason Hayes (World of Warcraft). Their d├ębut album is a compilation of video game covers, ranging from Modern Warfare to Angry Birds. I've never played a Call of Duty game, but the cover is a good listen despite that. Also, here's a bonus .gif of Joel Taylor.

If you like Trance (or any electronic music), Trancecrafter is the best artist you've probably never heard of. I mentioned in my first blog that I go to websites like Newgrounds to find people early in their careers and that's how I found TC. Sadly he rarely releases full tracks, so I was pleasantly surprised when this popped up in my subscriptions on Saturday. This song is part of a 78 track compilation that is raising money for the charity "Sport Relief". You can buy it from Bandcamp for the low price of a tenner.

Artist of the Week

Rob A Ronawsky

Beyond his music, I don't actually know much about Rob A Ronawsky. His music mostly focuses around guitar covers of anime theme songs. The best example of this is his cover of the Attack on Titan opening song...

and his Attack on Titan Medley.

He has a whole slew of different Soundcloud and Youtube pages though. If you're looking for the best way to listen to his music, I'd suggest starting with his main Soundcloud page. If you want his other tracks, your best bet is to search "Rob A Ranowsky" on Youtube as that will display all of his channels.

He also has a Facebook page.

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